Care Advisory
CareEdge Advisory and Research offers services in the area of Corporate Advisory, Project Evaluation & Monitoring, Credit Analytics, Customised Industry and Company Research, Due Diligence and Gradings.

CareEdge Advisory provides credible, high-quality research and analytics to Corporates, Financials Institutions, Banks and Institutional Investors.

Our key service segments:

Corporate Advisory Services:
CareEdge Advisory provides customised advisory services to various corporates for their specific requirements including internal decision making, regulatory compliances and bid participation.

Customised assignments include advisory on designing mix of project finance, cost of capital, financial modelling and validations, regulatory risk advisory and policy advisory.

Extensive experience in the area of stressed asset resolution with project specific services including TEV for restructuring proposals, vetting of resolution plans, assessment of restructuring plans, valuations etc.

Project Appraisal and Monitoring:
CareEdge Advisory offers project appraisal and monitoring services to most of the public sector banks in India and it is empaneled with banks for undertaking Techno-Economic Viability Studies and Lender Engineering Reports (LIE).

CareEdge Advisory has undertaken more than 1,000 TEV assignments with aggregate projects cost of more than Rs.50,000 crore in the past 4 years.

CareEdge Research
CareEdge Research, a division being operated under the CARE group, offers variety of business research services with credible, high-quality research and analysis on various facets of the Indian Economy and Industries.

Research reports from CareEdge provide rich insights on various industries focusing right from evolution, demand-supply scenario, margins to outlook on the industry apart from key challenges in the subject industry.

  • CareEdge Research provides regular coverage on more than 50 industries.
  • CareEdge Research provides customised research services to Indian and Multinational corporates based on their specific needs.
  • We provide Credit research support to various banks, financial institutions, mutual fund houses, insurance companies, fintech companies etc.
  • Since its inception, CareEdge Advisory has supported more than 35 corporates in their fund-raising programs by providing industry research services for DRHP Filing.
  • CareEdge Advisory also offers Investment Research to Global PE and Impact Funds.
Grading Services:

Micro Finance Institution Grading:
MFI’s relative performance is assessed based on following broad parameters:
  • Governance & Transparency
  • Operational Setup (Risk Management)
  • Geographical & Demographic coverage
  • Sustainability
NGO Grading:
  • Evaluation of organizational and delivery capability to meet its objectives.
  • An independent and unbiased opinion on the NGO
  • Tool to identify credible NGOs with sound operations and performance track records.
  • Assists corporates in selection of credible NGOs for allocation of their CSR funds.
Real Estate Grading:
  • City-specific grading; benchmarks a real estate project against other projects in the city.
  • Assesses project quality of developer from legal, construction and financial perspective.
  • Enhances credibility among customers and acts as marketing tool for project.
  • Facilitates project funding decision of lenders.
ESG Grading:
  • ESG grading represent a system of overall evaluation of a company’s ability and preparedness to pre-empt, withstand and manage financially relevant risks across three pillars: environmental, social and governance.